Advance lightning treatment at ML Aesthetic medicine to treat and correct all types of dark spots, melasma, sun damage, age spots, post acne hyperpigmentation

Advanced lighting Peel Treatment

Our Advanced Lightning peel treatment is suitable for you if you suffer from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), post-acne scars, dark spots, melasma or sun damage.



Chemical peels (or peelings) are intended to remove the outermost layer of the skin and eliminate dead skin cells. In order to accomplish this task, an adapted peel solution induces a controlled dermabrasion process to the skin. Following this procedure, the healing process generates new tissue; as the dead skin peels off, the regenerated skin is uncovered, naturally smoother and radiant.



The Advanced Lightning peel is a medium chemical peel that reduces uneven skin tone, acne scars, melasma, dark spots and hyperpigmentation.
The prime ingredient of our products is Emblica, a multilevel botanical brighter that neutralizes free radicals and turns them into antioxidants. In addition, this peel contains a potent blend of Alpha-Arbutin and and Kojic Acid, stimulating a turnover of dead skin cells and revealing a rejuvenated skin rich in collagen.
Thanks to these active ingredients, the advanced lightning peel also dislodges the excess melanocytes, the melanin cells causing hyper-pigmentation, and unifies their distribution to reveal a skin that is more even and radiant.
This treatment is suitable for facial skin and eye-contour, but for body parts as well, treating spots or marks in the bikini area, irritation marks on the inner thighs and darkened armpits, for instance. In each case, the peeling solution is balanced to fit your skin type.



This procedure provides many benefits, including:
  • Evened skin tone;
  • Reduced wrinkles from sun damage or ageing;
  • Improved appearance of scars;
  • Reduced age spots, freckles, and dark patches (melasma), caused by pregnancy or birth control pills;
  • Improved appearance and general feeling of skin.




Your aesthetician will first prime your skin with a cleanser, a degreaser, and a special ME LINE compound. Then, she will apply a thin layer of the peeling solution on the treated area and leave it on for 1 to 8 hours. The professional will determine the length of time required based on the patient’s phototype, skin tone irregularities and sensitivities.
As some patients return home with the peel on, the simple final step is to wash off the treatment with water. Your aesthetician will equip you with an at home care kit. Once the skin is washed, the Dry Skin Repair product will soothe the skin's flakiness and redness resulting from the fresh process. The Outdoor Protection SPF 30+ is also necessary to offer your skin ultimate protection.
Some tingling and redness might last up to 3 days after the treatment.


It is important that you do not use any retinoids for a whole week prior to the peeling. Also, do not not use any product that contains glycolic, salicylic, lactic acid, or retinol, as they would irritate the skin and compromise the treatment. For the same reasons, do not shave or wax the treatment area prior to the appointment.


After the treatment, it is normal for your skin to feel sensitive, dry, and seem red or even darker. Those are natural effects that mean the process is working and are not cause for concern. Hydrate your skin using the gentle moisturizer recommended for you and make sure to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. For your own health, makeup is forbidden on the day of the peeling. Once the skin starts peeling, it is important not to pick at the skin, but to let it heal naturally. For optimal results, follow the post-treatment recommendations made by your skin professional. 
Say goodbye to your imperfections.
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Nancy kenney
Nancy kenney

Tache brunes au visage
Combien sa me coûterait

Assis hamdane
Assis hamdane


Est ce que ce traitement s’applique au bikini? J’ai la région de mon bikini qui nécessite un blanchiment car elle a foncé ces dernières années.

Merci pour l’info

William Savoie
William Savoie

J’ai une tache de beauté sur le front est-ce possible de la retirer?


Je suis intéressé par un peeling avancer car j’ai des tâches brunes et j’aimerais bien avoir une peau claire et je veux savoir combien ça coûte une séance et après combien de séance je peux voir la différence
Merci et une très bonne journée

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